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Wait... OFFline Dating?


If you're ready to find love but not getting the results you want from online dating or apps, welcome - you're in the right place!

Master Offline Dating is the modern twist on traditional dating, giving you the power to tap into real life opportunities for romance that surround you every day.

No swiping. No profiles. No set-ups. Just the best tools to find your match in the real world.

Hi there, I'm Camille. I'm an offline dating expert giving singles who are burned out with digital dating the skills to meet their match in real life - as they simply go about their day!

After meeting, dating, and finding love offline in my own life over the past decade, I now work with men and women around the world to get the same results using proven techniques to boost social confidence, create genuine connections, and find a committed relationship.

I'm passionate about helping people feel less lonely + isolated in our tech-obsessed world by providing simple ways to make a real connection with someone - whether it leads to making a new friend, getting a hot date, or sharing a smile with someone in passing.

So, what is offline dating - and what exactly will it do for you?

Offline dating is the ability to meet + date in the real world, without technology - just like it used to be, back in the day!

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Preview of 'Secrets of Offline Dating' course:

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“I’ve jumped OFF the online dating train and I have to admit I feel a thousand times better. Camille gently flipped my disdain for modern dating into what I can only describe as fun! I’m just having so much more FUN now! The positive vibration surrounding this woman is so contagious, it’s no wonder she gets asked out on dates practically everywhere she goes. And now I’VE been flirted with about a million times since our interview!”

Julie Chereson,
The Second City Conservatory & Founder, Go Date Yourself podcast

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 “I love your stressing the importance of our connecting in the real offline world. This is something that I encourage my patients and Date Therapy clients to do as it has such wonderful benefits in the battles of stress, anxiety, social phobia and in our quest as humans to find dates and mates. Good show Camille! I look forward to reading more of your work.”

Dr. Tranquility - Lydia Belton, Ph.D., Ct.H.A., Creator of Date Therapy® and Media Relationship Expert, Practioner & Columnist, www.datetherapy.com

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 “Growing up with 'Sleepless in Seattle’-type movies, that’s what you picture your adult dating life to be like - but it’s completely changed. The thing I love about what Camille teaches is it’s getting us back into that open, random encounter mindset. So many people want that, but they’re still online dating and not interacting with people in public. Talk to Camille, she’ll give you 10 ways to do it.”

Michelle Shea-Walker,
Reiki Healer & Manifestation Maven, www.michellesheawalker.com

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