As an introvert, I’m not a big fan of small talk – and yet I love chatting with strangers.

So, how does that work exactly?

The key for me is moving beyond surface-level topics and steering onto something more meaningful.

Every person in the world has a wealth of interesting stories, facts and emotions that are changing constantly. If you think about it, we’re all pretty …

*This article first appeared in Date Therapy® Magazine’s Fall 2016 issue

One of my most awkward conversations happened when I was a shy, 16 year old girl.

I’d just come back from a Caribbean cruise with my parents where I’d met this cute boy who lived a few towns over. He and I had exchanged phone numbers, but a week after the trip I still hadn’t heard from him and was determined to do something about it. So, for the first time in my life…

It was the most dreaded time of the day: lunch time.
That meant walking into a huge room full of hundreds of people, all of them judging me, and hoping there was still a spot left at a table so I wouldn’t look like a loser. I really hated middle school.

Since then, life has thrown curveballs a lot bigger than worrying what a bunch of 13-year olds thought about me. But at the time, facing that midday meal every day was almost enough to make me lose my appetite.

So how did I go from being afraid of the lunch room to becoming an offline dating coach who helps women meet men in the real world?

This article appeared in Elite Daily on July 23, 2016   Sometimes it’s tough to be a single guy trying to meet a girl in the real world. Nature has wired men to pursue: to “go forth and conquer” (or in today’s world, you know, talk to people). But with online dating and everyone constantly…

“We met in a coffee shop, when I spilled my vanilla latte!” How great would it be to have that as your “how we met story” with your future partner? A random, real life interaction that led you to each other. Your own mini Serendipity moment. Fun, whimsical, and so meant-to-be. But who meets in…

Don’t you just love rude people? I want to share a story about a random rudeness encounter that happened to me recently on the bus – and how I was able to end things on a good note (and how you can too). It was an overcast afternoon, looking like it was about to rain any second….

How amazing would it be to have the skills and confidence to chat-up anyone, anywhere, anytime? That superpower sounds pretty great in theory – but the steps to actually develop it might seem slightly terrifying. So, just take things one step at a time. First step? Acknowledge where you are with your current social comfort…