"I'm a confident woman - but totally freeze up around men"

It's Wednesday evening. You're headed home from work after a long day of meetings and unread emails still sitting in your inbox.

You're in no mood to cook - so takeout from Whole Foods, it is!

You head into the store and join the line for the deli, deep in thought about which Netflix show to watch tonight.

Suddenly, a voice behind you says “So, what’s for dinner?”

You turn to meet the gaze of an attractive, dark-haired man wearing a suit and smiling directly at you. And you're totally flustered.

You can tell he's waiting for a response, but you have no clue what to say. This is so uncomfortable.

A few seconds of silence later, he gives his order to the deli lady and turns to leave.

"Well, have a good night." he says, dejectedly, as you stand there with your mouth open, watching him walk away and wondering what the hell just happened.

Why can't you feel more confident when a guy comes up to you like that?

What's the best thing to say to continue the conversation?

That nagging feeling of a missed opportunity is the worst - and every time you get it, you know the chance to meet someone potentially amazing just went out the window.

The best (and most thrilling) opportunities to meet someone can happen in an instant, as we're simply going about our day.

My parents met at a wedding, my lawyer met her wife on the subway, and I met my first love on an airplane!

Hundreds of opportunities like this are presented to us every day.

But most of us are totally unprepared to take advantage of them. I definitely used to be…

an offline dating expert who helps singles like you find your match by tapping into real world opportunities that already surround us.

After years of pushing past my social comfort zone, I gradually mastered the art of "offline dating" - which is meeting and dating without going online. 

 The first step? 

Learning how to catch a handsome stranger's eye and turn that into a fantastic date with him. 

And I'm excited to share the best resource to walk you step-by-step through how to do that - while having a lot of fun in the process!

Best Date Ever

How amazing would it feel to have the skills and confidence to have a great guy to approach you, ask you out, and go on a totally epic date with him?

That’s exactly what Best. Date. Ever.: 3 Simple Steps to Turn a Random Encounter into an Epic First Date can do for you.

From the grocery store to the airport, you’ll learn exactly how to turn everywhere you go into a place to meet someone special through authentic + actionable tips in the three key steps:

  1. How to Attract the Right Guy in Under 30 Seconds (without saying a word) – Six Tips Bonus Edition
  2. The One Key Phrase That Gets Him to Ask You Out, Every Time (even if you have no clue how to flirt)
  3. How to Create a Romantic Connection + Red Hot Chemistry on Your First Date (even if it’s been forever since you actually had fun on a date)

But the best part?

The tips can be used to create a genuine connection with everyone you encounter – friends, coworkers, that adorable grocery store check-out guy…

Because chatting up a cute guy is awesome – but being able to confidently talk to anyone, anytime, anywhere? That’s life-changing.

Other benefits of Best. Date. Ever.:

  • Actionable tips you can immediately put to use
  • Comfortable ways to push past your comfort zone
  • A variety of approaches so you can find which feel natural to you
  • Real life stories + examples to show how tips can be applied

"I tried applying just a few of your tips, like smiling and not looking at my phone - and it worked! I sat at the bar, and in less than 20 minutes someone walked up and asked to sit by me. 10 minutes later he asked me out. Your advice works like a charm in Israel too!"


What will applying the tips look like for you? Let's read a little story...

It’s Thursday morning, you're at the airport about to fly out for work meetings (followed by a weekend of fun) in Portland, Oregon.

Stepping into the security line, you catch a glimpse of an attractive guy standing relaxed yet confidently, one row over. 

He feels your eyes on him, looks up, and smiles at you. Great start to the day! 

After passing through security, you head to your gate and wait to board. 

“What takes you to Portland?” says a voice behind you.

You turn around - it's the guy from the security line! A small tingly feeling starts spreading over your body.

“Client meeting tomorrow morning, then staying for a fun weekend,” you say with a smile as you turn to face him. “How about you?”

“Same here!" he says, clearly excited. "A few hours at a conference, then I have the whole weekend free to explore the city.”

Steering the conversation in a strategic direction, you ask “Have you been to the pub North 45? If you're into steamed mussels, it’s the best in town.”

“I love mussels! Maybe we could meet up and check it out? I’m Wesley, by the way..” as he reaches for his phone to get your number.

Fast forward to the next evening. You're sitting at the pub with Wesley, enjoying your steamed mussels together, deep in conversation about your shared love of travel and Belgian beer. 

The woman next to you suddenly leans over and says “You two are just the cutest couple!” Wesley smiles, and you start blushing.

“We actually just met each other yesterday, at the airport!” you say as you place your hand on Wesley’s arm, letting him know you were so glad that happened - and so glad that you invested in learning the skills that led you to sitting here with him.

If you're ready to get the key skills to create your own magical "how we met" story with an amazing guy who's just right for you, click below:

"I was walking home from Whole Foods the other day and a guy approached me. Normally, I would've blown him off, but I thought of you and decided to give him a chance. I found out he was actually really cool, and we had a lot in common! We're going out next Friday! :)"