How to Actually Meet Someone at a Party, According to an Offline Dating Expert

“Parties are great places to meet people,” Camille Virginia, dating coach at Master Offline Dating, tells Bustle. “First, everyone there has been ‘vetted’ — someone you know knows them. That means a higher caliber selection of people, all in one place. Second, it’s a casual environment. House parties make everyone feel instantly more comfortable — who doesn’t enjoy being in someone’s home filled with other people, good food, and drinks?”

Why I Tell My Clients to Delete Their Dating Apps as an Offline Dating Coach

Dating apps encourage bad behavior. A 2016 Consumers’ Research report found that 57 percent of women report feeling harassed online, and a 2015 OnePoll survey of 973 dating app users found that 7 in 10 women on the leading swiping app have received sexually explicit messages or images. It’s one of many reasons I ask my clients to get off of them for awhile so we can instead turn their focus to meeting people in the real world.

Podcast – Dating is not a Popularity Contest

In this episode, we reveal the average # of hours people spend on dating apps (hint: it’s double digits), the key difference between women’s approach to dating apps vs men’s, and the little known place men swipe on dating apps (that you may or may not want to know!)

Podcast – Finding Love in the Real World with Nikki Leigh, Love Coach

In the 21st century many people automatically gravitate to online dating or other online options to find a date or a mate, but there are many ways to find a date or find love in the “real world” – offline. My guest this week, Camille Virginia, is the founder of Master Offline Dating and we’re going to talk about finding love in the real world through offline dating.