Case study: Ana

From shy single mom to knowing she can attract the man she wants (and did!)


A single mom and PhD student, Ana hadn’t dated in 5 years. With her son getting older, she wanted to improve her ability to talk to anyone primarily for work reasons, but finding a partner would also be a nice side benefit.

“One of my issues was that I would just say everything. I wouldn’t stop to take a breath or let him speak, I’d just lay it all down for him. At work, I’d freeze up and be completely silent during meetings.”

Ana’s problems connecting to other people mostly revolved around how she was communicating with them. She would either shut down and be silent (at work), or overwhelm people and share everything (when dating). Neither of those was helping her build the life she wanted.

Since flirting is the art of communicating in a fun, natural way, Ana and I focused our coaching there. I gave her tools to help stop overthinking what she was going to say, and we tackled the nerves, helping her have increasingly better conversations.

At work meetings, things have improved immensely for her, and she’s contributing more. Which is really going to help her as she purses her PhD and becomes a professor.

But her most unexpected result is that she actually got a date!

“I went out and I truly had no expectations that night. I got [to the event] and there was this guy standing over there on his phone. I went up to him and was like “Hi, my name’s Ana” and we ended up talking for over an hour. And when he had to leave I was like “are you gonna take my number or not?”

This was amazing, and I was so thrilled for her! But the part that I was happiest to hear was not that Ana had gotten a date, but that she knew she could do it again:

“The cool thing about doing this coaching program is that, I know that if I found a guy who likes me just exactly as I am once, I can do that again.”

That level of deep self-trust is priceless.

For full, step-by-step details on how Ana made her incredible transformation, click here to download her case study PDF!