Case study: Holly

From “I Don’t Talk to People” to starting conversations everywhere!


As a teacher in Chicago, Holly had never really “dated” before. She let her shyness rule her, and hadn’t felt ready for a relationship for a long time, focusing on her career instead of getting a date. With online dating not getting the results she was looking for, Holly wanted to try something different.

She had one major mental block in particular that was holding her back from meeting people in real life:

“We have all these rules in our heads and my rule was just that I don’t talk to people.”

By not talking to people, Holly was missing out on all kinds of opportunities to connect with the people around her. So we started small, with just asking someone where the coat check was and built up Holly’s confidence from there.

“For me, the accountability was huge. That’s where the big success was,” Holly said. “The fact that I did have to talk to Camille every week and that we were talking about relationships specifically. That’s where I had all these breakthroughs.”

Our breakthroughs helped release that rule about not talking to people and everything changed for Holly. With that internal pressure gone and Holly’s rule about “I don’t talk to people” busted, everything changed. She attended a singles event, and we set a goal of talking to 5 different men that night. She actually ended up talking to so many men she lost count!

Plus she even got a date – on a Ferris wheel!

“I do still need to practice, but I’m so much better. Not just with men but with people in general. I got the mindset from Camille that starting conversations wasn’t about getting a date or getting him to like me but more like ‘Well why wouldn’t you talk to anybody and have a nice conversation?’ It completely enhances your life.”

Want to read the full details on how Holly went from not talking to strangers to starting up conversations everywhere she goes? Click here to download the full PDF version of her case study to see exactly how she accomplished it!