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Podcast – Finding Love in the Real World with Nikki Leigh, Love Coach

In the 21st century many people automatically gravitate to online dating or other online options to find a date or a mate, but there are many ways to find a date or find love in the “real world” – offline. My guest this week, Camille Virginia, is the founder of Master Offline Dating and we’re going to talk about finding love in the real world through offline dating.

Podcast – Destination Love (offline dating with Camille Virginia)

Burned out on online dating? Even in our modern, busy world, meeting people offline is still possible AND easy! Offline dating expert Camille Virginia will share her secrets to success on how to tap into the hundreds – sometimes thousands – of daily opportunities to meet someone in real life.

Podcast – Fantasy Dating #3 (how to move from dating to a relationship

Wondering how to go from dating to a being in a relationship? OFFline dating expert Camille Virginia gives us the play by play on this episode of Fantasy Dating Radio – find out why transitioning from dating to an exclusive relationship doesn’t have to be complicated!

Podcast – Fantasy Dating #2 (how to have a great first date)

Sick of awkward first dates? Camille Virginia shares secrets to first date success, giving tips on where to go, what to do, what to wear and what to share. We’ll talk first date do’s and don’ts and provide tips on everything from planning the date to following up.

Podcast – Magnet for Love (how to meet him offline)

Want to meet him offline? Get easy + actionable tips you can put to use in your own life immediately (plus listen to an adorable Irish accent from host Lorna Poole) – like where all the quality men are hiding, how to stay out of the “friends zone”, why most women aren’t approachable (and what to do about it), and what exactly the Confidence Cycle is.

How to Go From Small Talk to A Meaningful Conversation

As an introvert, I’m not a big fan of small talk – and yet I love chatting with strangers.

So, how does that work exactly?

The key for me is moving beyond surface-level topics and steering onto something more meaningful.

Every person in the world has a wealth of interesting stories, facts and emotions that are changing constantly. If you think about it, we’re all pretty …

Podcast – Fantasy Dating #1 (how to meet a man offline)

Tired of online dating? Camille gives singles who are burned out with online dating authentic alternatives to find their match in the real world. She’ll share details about how to be approachable, drop a hint, and get their number.