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Podcast – Fantasy Dating #1 (how to meet a man offline)

Tired of online dating? Camille gives singles who are burned out with online dating authentic alternatives to find their match in the real world. She’ll share details about how to be approachable, drop a hint, and get their number.

How a vanilla latte can get you a date for the weekend

“We met in a coffee shop, when I spilled my vanilla latte!” How great would it be to have that as your “how we met story” with your future partner? A random, real life interaction that led you to each other. Your own mini Serendipity moment. Fun, whimsical, and so meant-to-be. But who meets in…

Podcast – Modern Day Magic Makers (the magic of allure)

Camille Virginia discusses the good luck talismans and getting ready rituals of enticing a man and enchanting a date.