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As the only offline dating expert in the world (seriously, Google the term!), I work with a limited number of private clients in my private coaching program Confidence Connection Charisma to boost their self and social confidence, create meaningful connections, and find lasting commitment – all without going online.

In the Confidence Connection Charisma program, you’ll master the 3 Stages of Attraction:

Step 1 is Building Confidence. We’ll start out by…

— Identifying your unique roadblocks and belief patterns that are holding you back
— Clearly defining your desires, so you know exactly what you’re looking for and can develop a plan to go get it
— Strengthening your self / social / dating confidence, so you feel 100% worthy of attracting the right person

Step 2 is Creating Connection. We’ll work on conversation skills and body language so that you can..

— Be relaxed and open, exuding allure and approachability everywhere you go
— Embody consistency and let more of your authentic self shine – no matter who you’re with
— Create deeply meaningful connections with everyone – from your friends to that stranger you met on the bus

Step 3 is Exuding Charisma. We’ll tap into your own specific brand of charisma so you can…

— Naturally and authentically charm anyone you meet at will
— Reveal your absolute best self to everyone around you
— Attract the right man to you like a magnet

Want to learn all that – and MORE?


The next step is to apply for a FREE, one-on-one 60-minute Strategy Session call with me where we’ll clarify your dating goals and map out a custom plan to help you achieve them as fast as possible.

Click below to fill out a quick application and if I think we’re a good fit for each other, I’ll be in touch to schedule your own personal Strategy Session.

So you’re probably wondering… what kind of results can you expect while we work together in private coaching?

After going through the program every single one of my clients has noticed (at least) 3 major changes in their life:

— They’re connecting more than ever before with everyone around them. Not just with men, but with their friends and family. And their lives are richer than ever for that.

— The dates they do get are way higher quality than the online dates they’ve had in the past. That’s because offline, the stakes are higher, and only the best men rise to the challenge of talking to you face to face.

— Their confidence has soared. I’ve had clients decide to launch side businesses, change jobs, and even move cities while working with me – and they credited my coaching with giving them the confidence to make that leap!


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Working one-on-one with me means we can get into the deeper stuff – like the unique challenges and frustrations you’re dealing with.

And all sessions are done over phone or Skype, so location is no issue.

Other benefits of private coaching include..

  • Accountability, goal setting + weekly action steps so you’re always moving forward
  • Personal guidance + support when you need it most
  • 100% privacy and confidentiality

Ready to find love in the real world?

Click below to fill out an application to book your FREE 60-min Strategy Session call, where you and I will work together one-on-one to reveal exactly what’s stopping you from meeting great men IRL and create a plan to achieve your goals to finally find the love you deserve!