As the only offline dating expert in the world (seriously, Google the term!), I work with a limited number of private clients to boost their social confidence, create a romantic connection, and find lasting commitment – all without going online.

offline dating expert coaching testimonial

Working one-on-one with me means we can get into the deeper stuff – like the unique challenges and frustrations you’re dealing with – and set actionable next steps to move past them, like how to…

  • Confidently interact with men – even if you’re really shy around them right now
  • Become more open and ready for love after a heart-wrenching break-up or divorce
  • Compose the perfect text or email to get the results you want – like getting him to ask you out
  • Call out bad behavior and stand up for yourself in a kind + classy way – like getting that owed apology
  • Turn casual dates and a “where is this going?” situation into a relationship with the right guy
  • Progress a “just friends” situation into something way more romantic

offline dating expert testimonial

All private coaching sessions are done over phone or Skype, so location is no issue.

Other benefits of private coaching include..

  • Accountability, goal setting + weekly action steps so you’re always moving forward
  • Personal guidance + support when you need it most
  • 100% privacy and confidentiality

Before we dive in though, I want to make sure we’d be a good fit and confident I’m able to provide the exact support + guidance you’re looking for.

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You’ll get actionable tips to immediately try in your life, learn more about what offline dating can do for you, and get a taste of my style and approach to dating.

Taking small yet strategic steps is the best way to overcome and eventually master absolutely anything you want to.

It won’t happen overnight. But if you put the work in, you’ll starting seeing results sooner than you think – and rewards more incredible than you can ever imagine.


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