Welcome "Mostly A's'"! ​​​​​​ Your Flirt Style Profile is:

Shy, Shy Butterfly
Your pop culture character twin is...

Lilly from Pitch Perfect

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Your natural flirting strengths...

• Your comfort zone with a guy you're attracted to usually stops at eye contact
• You prefer gestures that encourage the man to make the first move
• Men find your natural shyness endearing and feminine

Your ideal flirting location...

Anywhere the guy is in close proximity so conversation is private, easy, and has time to naturally build:
    • Waiting in line
    • Sitting next to each other on the bus

Your most comfortable icebreaker...

• Quick glance in his direction and the rest is up to him
• A slightly louder than normal sigh
• Saying “bless you” when he sneezes

Key flirting tips to try out...

If you feel yourself getting too shy or blushing, just playfully acknowledge it:
    • You're making me blush!
    • I'm a little shy

If you find yourself clamming up or not sure what to say next, ask him a question:
    • Getting the conversation off of you for a bit can help you feel more comfortable
    • Just make sure he’s also asking you questions

Your biggest flirting obstacle...

Clamming up, not responding to him, or coming off as stuck up / not interested because fear has taken control of you.

BUT I have a very special resource to help you overcome all of that... Watch your inbox closely over the next few days for all the details!