Welcome "Mostly C's'"! ​​​​​​ Your Flirt Style Profile is:

Just a Friendly Chica
Your pop culture character twin is...

Rachel from Friends

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Your natural flirting strengths...

• Smiling at a guy and letting him know you’re friendly and open
• You’re ok initiating a convo with a guy (because you love chatting with everyone)
• You enjoy letting him wonder if you’re just being friendly with him - or flirting

Your ideal flirting location...

Any casual environment where people are naturally mixing and mingling:
    • Grocery store check-out line
    • Bar
    • Networking event

Your most comfortable icebreaker...

• Gracefully butting into a conversation to be helpful - or just for the heck of it
• Acknowledging you caught his eye by saying “Hi!” and adding a smile

Key flirting tips to try out...

Show him your unique / quirky side by playing up your goofiness:
    • Sing to the song playing in the grocery store
    • Do a little dance or shoulder shimmy
    • Laugh out loud unapologetically

Your biggest flirting obstacle...

You can be so nice and casual that sometimes you get stuck in the friend zone - ugh!

BUT I have a very special resource to help you overcome all of that... Watch your inbox closely over the next few days for all the details!