Welcome "Mostly D's'"! ​​​​​​ Your Flirt Style Profile is:

Witty Betty
Your pop culture character twin is...

Mindy Kaling from The Mindy Project

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Your natural flirting strengths...

• Keeping your lines short + witty to see if he picks up the ball (and matches it)
• Playfully commenting on something out loud, to no one in particular
• Men that love you show your smarts + sense of humor at the same time

Your ideal flirting location...

Anywhere there's something to be randomly commented on or playfully poked fun at

Your most comfortable icebreaker...

Responding to a normal sentence in a witty way
    • Him: I almost fell about 10 times outside in the rain
    • You: Well don't make it 11 - there's a puddle right there

Calling out any type of pun
    • Pun intended?

Key flirting tips to try out...

• If you say something sassy or sarcastic, add a smile so he knows you’re joking
• If he doesn’t pick up on the first flirt attempt, give him another chance to catch it 

Your biggest flirting obstacle...

Sometimes your wit comes off as a little too serious, unfriendly, or even cold - which can create distance when people aren't sure how to take it.

BUT I have a very special resource to help you overcome all of that... Watch your inbox closely over the next few days for all the details!