Welcome "Mostly E's'"! ​​​​​​ Your Flirt Style Profile is:

Woman Clear and Bold
Your pop culture character twin is...

Olivia Pope from Scandal

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Your natural flirting strengths...

• You’re comfortable making the first move with a guy
• You're ok handing out your phone # and asking him to call you sometime
• Men love your take-charge attitude balanced with your femininity 

Your ideal flirting location...

Anywhere with men who are on the job (since they’re literally at your beck and call)

Your most comfortable icebreaker...

Making it clear you're interested:
    • Hey Handsome, whatcha up to?

Mirroring / repeating back what he said to you with a little of your own pizzazz:
    • Him: Hello Olivia
    • You: Well hello Daniel

Key flirting tips to try out...

Let him make the first move sometimes - and be the man he wants to be for you

Your biggest flirting obstacle...
Because of your strength and boldness, sometimes you attract weak men - including those who want you to take the lead on everything. Ugh!

BUT I have a very special resource to help you overcome all of that... Watch your inbox closely over the next few days for all the details!