Welcome "Mostly F's'"! ​​​​​​ Your Flirt Style Profile is:

Sultry Siren
Your pop culture character twin is...

Scarlett Johansson's character from... well, basically every movie she's been in.

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Your natural flirting strengths...

• You exude sexuality with little to no words (using eyes + body language)
• You love being engaged in conversation with a guy - then suddenly ignoring him
• Men are drawn like a magnet to your natural sex appeal

Your ideal flirting location...

• Anywhere where you can see and be seen
• Preferably a slow-paced environment with lots of people watching

Your most comfortable icebreaker...

• Signaling a guy to come over to you with one finger
• Blatantly undressing a guy with your eyes from across the room

Key flirting tips to try out...

• Look for men who want to get to know you beyond just the initial chase
• Find an excuse to laugh at yourself / tell an embarrassing story to keep it light

Your biggest flirting obstacle...
With your natural sex appeal, attracting men isn't the problem - it's attracting quality men who respect you + want to get to know you as a person.

BUT I have a very special resource to help you overcome all of that... Watch your inbox closely over the next few days for all the details!