What's Your Natural Flirt Style?

Find out by taking this 3-question quiz below...

When you think about flirting, what comes to mind?

If you're like a lot of my readers + clients, it's trying to keep a guy's attention by playing helpless or being ditzy.

But that's only one type of flirting style - and if that doesn't feel authentic to you, then it's not your natural style.

Most people don't know this, but you actually have your own natural flirting style - and it's different for everyone.

Because flirting is simply the way you express your playful side to other people.

So, wanna know what *your* natural flirting style is?
Take this 3-question quiz and discover...

​ • Your flirting celebrity character twin
 • Your signature flirting moves (which I bet you're not even aware of!)
 • The best icebreaker​ + ideal setting for your style, so you can stay true to you
 • Your biggest flirting obstacle (and how to overcome it)

Grab something to jot your answers down on, and here we go...

​​​​​​​Q1: What setting are you most comfortable interacting with someone in?

A) Only a few people are around so no one can hear your convo
B) Anywhere you can ask someone to help you
C) Someplace light and casual with friendly people chatting
D) A place with lots of things to randomly look at and comment on
E) Any place where someone's on-the-job in the service industry (bar, restaurant, etc) 
F) Somewhere with dim lighting and soft music

​​​​​​​Q2: What's your most comfortable way to engage them?

A) Brief eye contact, then looking away
B) Asking for a small favor (directions, getting something off  a shelf for you, etc)
C) Saying "Hi!" with a big smile
D) Sharing a witty comment out loud, to no one in particular
E) Making the first move so it's clear you're interested in engaging
F) Giving "the look" to encourage them to approach you

​​​​​​​Q3: Which best describes how you act around a guy you're attracted to?

​​​​​​​A) Suddenly quiet and shy
B) Girly, giggly, and hopelessly romantic
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​C) Friendly and open - just like you are with everyone else!
​​​​​​​D) Saying a witty remark to see if he gets your (awesome) sense of humor
​​​​​​​​​E) Take charge and make it happen baby!
​​​​​​​F) 3 words: Pure Animal Magnetism
Now add-up the letters you chose + click below* to reveal your natural flirting style profile (including a FREE PDF download of it):
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​​​​​​*If you got a mix of letters, just click on each of those links and see which resonates with you most!