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Happy 2017! What Are You Tossing Out This Year?

On my bday a couple days ago, I was asked how I was celebrating the day.

I answered open + honestly: BIRTHDAY PURGE!

And, sushi with a few girlfriends.

My girls! Between the four of us there's six different nationalities represented!

My girls! Between the four of us there’s six different nationalities represented!

I’d been looking forward to the purge for weeks.

I’m not completely into the new year’s resolutions (I try to make and achieve goals throughout the year), but after an interesting end to 2016, I was charged to go out with the old + in with the… nothing / more free space!

Now, anyone’s who’s been to my urban apartment knows I don’t have a ton of stuff.

And they, like myself, were apparently wrong about that.

Somehow I managed to gather up 15+ grocery bags of stuff I didn’t use, want, or even know I owned to donate.




15+ grocery bags – Amazing! I WANT TO DO IT AGAIN.

Sidenote: Growing up, I used to clean my friend’s bedrooms for them. I have issues. Anyway..

My question to you is: what are you getting rid of this year? What’s not serving you anymore?

A belief pattern that just isn’t true (“all the good single men/women are taken”, “I’m stuck at this type of job for life”)?

Memories of a past painful break-up or friendship gone sour (and the shirt that reminds you of it every time you look at it)?

Even just a contraption in your kitchen utensils drawer that you have no idea what it’s used for (just me?).

I challenge you to get rid of something in the next 24 hours. Anything. Bah-bye.

And I’d love to hear what you’re tossing – hit “comment” and share it with me!


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