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What men are thinking when they approach you

I was recently honored as a guest on Myke Macapinlac’s Social Confidence Mastery video podcast, where I gave a female perspective to Myke‘s audience of shy men who are eager to learn how to feel more confident around others.

(also, isn’t his name cool? Myke Macapinlac… it’s so fun to say!)

During our chat, Myke dropped some great perspective on what’s going on in guys’ heads when they’re thinking about approaching women – like the insecurities and fears that pop-up.

Because honestly, we’re all human and our feelings about the opposite sex tend to be fairly similar.

(well, maybe not all of them.. but most.)

Click the video below to check out our interview:


0:53 — My personal story of social struggle

2:32 — Qualities that high-quality women find attractive in men

5:46 — Why guys can be so afraid to approach women 

7:10 — How you dress determines level of confidence

7:30 — Give a guy an easy chance to give you a compliment – and then follow-up by saying this

11:07 — Some of the biggest struggles that women have in online dating

11:48 — How to tap into all the opportunities around you in real life

13:10 — Where to meet men

14:42 — Getting real about rejection and nervousness: everyone deals with them

16:08 — Just remember this one phrase to keep a conversation going

22:03 — How to maintain interest beyond the first date

25:30 — How to show a guy that you’re approachable

28:03 — The pros and cons of approaching at the gym

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