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Modern Moguls + Feminine Superpowers

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Recently I had the pleasure of chatting with Marlyne Pierce of the Modern Mogul series podcast – and I’m excited to share it with you! 

Marlyne and I connected in a business coaching course a few months ago.

So when she invited me to be a guest on her podcast to talk about how to be an empowered female without losing our femininity, I was like “Yes. That’s something I can speak to.”

I used to be in my masculine energy almost all the time (taking the lead, being aggressive), because deep down I probably knew it turned off men.

And back in the day when I was really awkward and uncomfortable around men, it definitely served its purpose and kept them at bay – at least romantically.

But after pushing past my fears of being around men and realizing “Hey, they’re just as scared of us as we are of them – maybe more so”, I had to learn how to tone down my masculine energy. 

Don’t get me wrong, masculine energy definitely comes I handy sometimes – like making things happen in my business – but definitely not in dating.  

Because masculine energy attracts feminine energy – so if I’m putting out masculine energy, guess what type of guys I’ll attract?


Check out these highlights from the interview at these timestamps:

​​​​​​​* 1:44 How I got into the dating coach business

* 3:39 When naming your fears makes them irrelevant

* 6:50 Follow your fear beacon to bust right out of your comfort zone

* 15:44 Your very simple, secret weapon as a woman – and how to own it

* 20:40 What knowing yourself really looks like

* 24:03 3 Tips to meet men in a more flirty and sensual way

* 29:30 How to boost your confidence in the next 24 hours

* 30:08 Why women aren’t the only ones afraid of rejection

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