Where can I meet a great guy in the real world?

Ever thought "Does anyone meet each other in-person anymore??"...

If so, you're definitely not alone.

With everyone walking around buried in their iPhones, it can feel impossible (and totally intimidating) to approach, let alone TALK to someone - especially a guy you're attracted to!

But... what if it didn't have to be so hard?

What if I told you every single day presents you with countless opportunities to find love?

And no, I’m not talking about online dating...

I’m talking about you - right here, right now, in the offline world.

You can experience the rush of flirting with a stranger at the grocery store, or handing your digits to Tall, Dark, & Handsome in the coffee shop.

Yes, you!

Here's how...

I created a 3-video course called The Promised Land: The Absolute Best Places to Meet Men in real life that revealed... well, all the best places to meet men in the real world!

And it's provided such AMAZING results for the women who took it, I knew I had to get it into the hands of every woman who wanted to discover how to meet a great guy offline.

But, I also wanted to go a step further - beyond just providing you with the very best places to meet men...

...because, honestly, that's only part of the equation with getting a date IRL.

You also have to feel super confident + know what to say to get him to ask you out!

Otherwise what's the point in showing up to all those places, right?

That's why I bundled two more of my courses in with The Promised Land - and you can grab all 3 at an 89% discount (for a limited time)...

The Offline Dating Starter Kit:
How to Instantly Start Attracting Amazing Men IRL

The starter kit gives you everything you need to immediately start attracting the right men to you and get dates with them.

The kit is perfect if you're brand new to offline dating (or super shy, or not sure it's going to work for you), because it gives you small bite-sized tips that allow you to instantly go out and start getting dates IRL.

Hi there, Camille Virginia here, #1 offline dating expert and coach. 

After years of fighting my own shyness and social anxiety (especially around men I was attracted to - eeeek!), I eventually pushed past my comfort zone and discovered how to confidently create meaningful connections with everyone...

...and in the process, saw the number of times I was asked out by men climb into the triple digits - without ever going online!

I knew I had to share what I'd discovered with other women so they could attract men in the real world too.

So I packaged my best "jumpstart" tips into The Offline Dating Starter Kit, to show you exactly how to get the same results...

Here are the 3 courses that are included in The Offline Dating Starter Kit bundle:

  •  The Promised Land: The Absolute Best Places to Meet Men in Real Life  (value $47)
  •  Clothing That Captivates: How to Dress for Confidence + a Conversation  (value $97)​​​​​​
  •  Super Simple Icebreakers: How to Send Him the Right Verbal Signals  (value $47)

Total Value of all 3 courses: $191

Your Price (for a limited time): just $17

So why just $17 - and why available for only a limited time?

Because I don't want you to "put this off til later" - or, worse, buy the course and then not listen to it or use any of the tips.

I LOVE rewarding women who are ready to take action in their love life NOW, because they always get the very best results...

...so I wanted to make the Starter Kit (the fastest way for you to start getting results in your own life) a price that was truly a no-brainer.


Here's exactly what you'll get in
The Offline Dating Starter Kit...

The Promised Land: The Absolute Best Places to Meet Men in Real Life  (value $47)
    - Why Location is Everything: How to be in the right place, at the right time
    - Man-Spotting Made Easy: Where to go to find amazing men IRL
    - Perfect Placement: The key to position yourself for maximum man encounters

Clothing That Captivates: How to Dress for Confidence + a Conversation  (value $97)
    - First Impressions 101: How to make your clothes either a boost or a barrier
    - From the Closet: A few key tricks to revamp your wardrobe
    - Be Unique: How to stand out in a subtle + comfortable way
    - Accessory You: How to use your uniqueness to naturally catch his eye
    - Props: How to use your body + totally random objects to flirt

Super Simple Icebreakers: How to Send Him the Right Verbal Signals  (value $47)
    - Friendly or Flirting? How to flirt with zero risk of rejection
    - Simple Icebreakers: 3 ways to jumpstart a flirtatious conversation
    - Perfect Response: Here’s exactly what to say when he approaches you


Total Value of all 3 courses: $191

Your Price (for a limited time): only $17

If you're concerned about being confused or that it won't work for you, don't be. I'll give you step by step ways to start meeting men, and plenty of options so you can choose which feel most natural for you.

Because when you join, I WILL encourage you to push your comfort zone - but I'll never ask you to do or say anything that feels cheesy or inauthentic.

And when you start using these powerful secrets to showcase your natural, authentic self don't be surprised when men already adore you!

The Starter Kit provides everything you need to know about what to wear, where to go, and what to say to start attracting men TODAY. 

I've tested this material with HUNDREDS of clients + live workshops students, and have been using it myself for 15+ years!

That's how I know that, when you combine these tips with your secret inner awesomeness, they will absolutely work for you too.

But don't take my word for it, here's what other students have to say about my courses…

“You can only retain so much information from a workshop, or read a PDF so many times. Camille's courses have so much more, like the video tutorials, personal stories and advanced techniques. I can go back and revisit those skills and stories as much as I want, learn at my own pace, and jump around to different sections.
- Kathleen

My 100% Risk Free Guarantee

I KNOW this content can help you find an amazing man in your own life without going online.

The material has been proven not only by me, but by HUNDREDS of my students who got those exact results.

But if you're not happy with the course, I back this course with a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee. 

That means you can buy the bundle, watch all the videos, and if you’re not happy with it just send me an email within 30 days, and I'll give you 100% of your money back. No hard feelings.  

Because I truly want you to dive in deep and get the full wealth of this resource without hesitation or inhibition - and experience for yourself the powerful life-changing shifts in your own love life (including incredible results on the dating front).

And I want to give you a chance to grab this massively valuable resource bundle at a price I know you can afford...

...just $17 (that's a 89% discount of their regular value of $191).

Again, I'm making this available for a limited time - I might take it down any day, because I LOVE rewarding fast action-takers.

So if that's you, I'm excited to offer you this special discount as a virtual high-five for taking this first step toward finding love in the real world.

Click the red button below to grab it now + get instant access to discover how you can meet an amazing man in real life TODAY!

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“Camille is articulate, inspiring and authentic in her ideas, suggestions and approach to meeting guys and dating. I really enjoyed taking this course."                 
                           - Vicki

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