Find Love Offline

"I feel like I'll be single forever."

It’s Saturday night. You’re home alone.

After watching The Notebook for the sixteenth time, you crawl into bed and grab your tablet to check Facebook.

The newsfeed explodes.

You cousin Jenny just had a baby? She’s ten years younger than you - when did she even start dating?

OMG. Your ex-boyfriend just got engaged. Awesome.

Just what you want to see right as a single girl sitting in bed alone on a Saturday night.

You're happy for them, but want those same things for yourself. And they seem far from happening any time soon.

The closest you've come to come to finding someone you liked was that guy you met online and went one two amazing dates with - until he completely ghosted on you.

You finally admit it: being single feels lonely. Really lonely.

And it’s not fair. You’re awesome and have so much to offer the right guy: successful career, close friends and family, and you make a mean spicy turkey chili. 

After going through all that and still ending up single, it's almost impossible to stop the thoughts of self-doubt from creeping in…

Is something wrong with me?

Are all the good men taken?

Am I going to be single forever??

You’re more than ready to meet a quality guy who appreciates you, and who’s also ready for a relationship.

You've tried all the online dating sites. All the new apps. You even hired a (not exactly cheap) matchmaker. But still, nothing.

The best (and most thrilling) opportunities to meet someone can happen in an instant, as we're simply going about our day.

My parents met at a wedding, my lawyer met her wife on the subway, and I met my first love on an airplane!

Dozens, sometimes hundreds of opportunities like this are presented to us every day - but most of us are totally unprepared to take advantage of them. I definitely used to be.

Hi, I’m Camille, an offline dating expert who helps singles like you find your match by tapping into real world opportunities that already surround us.

After years of pushing past my social comfort zone, I gradually mastered the art of "offline dating" - which is meeting and dating without going online.

And I’m excited to show you exactly how to get the same results in your own life!

To be honest, pushing myself to take steps outside my comfort zone didn't always go so well.

Like the time in high school I worked up the courage to call my crush's house 30+ times to ask him to a dance… and later learning he had Caller ID (new to the scene back then) and pretty much thought I was a psycho. Whoops.

But I kept trying things that were at first really uncomfortable, and by doing that I learned a TON about men and dating - and watched the number of times

I was asked for my phone number climb into the triple digits, without ever going online.

I started meeting men in random places - like the greeting card section of the drug store - and having SO much fun with it!

One day in May 2013, some friends asked how I was able to "do it". For the first time, I thought about what I might be doing to create all these interactions

with great guys and put some simple tips into a PowerPoint presentation.

Secrets of Offline Dating

The single woman’s step-by-step guide to social confidence, romantic connection, and lasting commitment in the real world.

Secrets of Offline Dating is an 8-week, intensive video course unlike any other dating or relationship resource available. It’s your step-by-step guide to mastering offline dating, from how to attract the right guy to how to get into a committed relationship with him. And it’s all done through authentic, real world interactions – without going online.

You’ll learn the skills and get the tools to master the three key advantages that offline dating has over all other dating approaches:

  • Confidence – having the skills to look good, feel good, and interact with anyone (even if you’re an introvert)
  • Connection – how to create a genuine, romantic connection with your date – or really, anyone! (even if you have no clue how to flirt)
  • Commitment – how to naturally guide things into a relationship that lasts (even if you’ve been single forever)

You’ll get my exclusive secrets that most single women don’t know, including deep dives into topics like…

  • The best places to find great single men
  • How to naturally steer a casual chat toward exchanging digits
  • The best way to avoid getting stuck in the “friend zone”
  • The quickest way to tell what his true intentions are – and if you’re actually compatible with each other
  • How to have ‘the talk’ (sleeping together / becoming exclusive) with zero awkwardness or pressure

But honestly, those benefits are just the beginning. When you join Secrets of Offline Dating, you’ll learn the skills that have the power to transform not only your love life, but the way you interact with every person you meet.

Find a lasting commitment

There have been studies done on the average length of relationships for couple who initially met online versus offline – and guess which ones tend to last longer? Yep, the offline couples!

Boost your social confidence + learn how to connect with everyone

You’ll learn the power of how to connect with anyone, regardless of outcome. Because having the skills to confidently chat-up a cute guy at the gym is great – but being able to confidently talk to anyone, anytime, anywhere? That’s life-changing.


If you don’t enjoy the process, you won’t enjoy the outcome – and online dating is no exception. Finding your match is more likely to happen when you try a few different dating approaches, especially one you’re actually having fun with!

find love offline testimonial


You’ll also get different types of story examples, so if a certain approach doesn’t feel totally authentic to you, there’s plenty of alternatives to choose from.

How it works + what you’ll get (including special bonuses)

Check out this 3-minute welcome video from me that goes over the specifics of what we’ll cover in the course:

Here’s a quick glance at the list of the course sections and a high level of what we’ll cover.

Easy + actionable tips you can immediately put to use

Topics are wrapped up into well organized, bite-sized lectures between 1-10 minutes, so listen and apply the tips as you have time throughout your day – on your commute, during a workout, cooking dinner…

Comfortable ways to show off your true personality

No matter your social comfort level, Find Love Offline will meet you where you’re at and give you the tools to master each step so you can confidently move on to the next, while always staying true to yourself (and your awesome quirks).

Entertaining stories + real life examples

I’ll share dozens of my personal stories to keep you entertained and further illustrate everything we’re learning – because if it’s a bad date, it’s a good story (and I have a ton of “good stories”!)

Clear + concise content

I like it when people get to the point – so I’ve made Find Love Offline the same way. The lessons are clear, topics are organized, and stories are told in a way that makes it super easy to apply the skills in your own life.

A trusted expert who tells you what your friends and family just can’t

Your friends and family want to support you, but that support is often at the expense of being blind to your areas for improvement or simply not wanting to hurt your feelings by sharing them. I’ll reveal mistakes many women make that keep them single – and how to change them.

Bonuses galore

The course also includes easy and simple beauty and confidence tips to help you make a killer first (and second, and third…) impression:

-Fun ways to revamp your current wardrobe for free

-Comfortable ways to show off your unique style + personality

-The most alluring hairstyle of all – for every hair type

-Step-by-step professional make-up tutorial videos


I know how difficult it is trying to find your match with all the different approaches you can choose from. So here’s my promise to you.

I’m so committed to helping you get into an amazing relationship and I believe so strongly in the incredible results that Secrets of Offline Dating can give you that I want to take away every reason you might NOT join a course which could literally change your life.

So I want you to try the entire Secrets of Offline Dating course absolutely risk-free for 30 days.


Watch the videos, apply the tips, and see how a few key tweaks in words and actions can make a huge impact on your everyday life.

And if you don’t see results in those first 30 days, I don’t want you to pay for anything – I’ll give you a full refund.

I understand there are going to be people who will sign up for the course, experience amazing results, and still want a refund because honesty isn’t one of their core values.

But I’m willing to take that risk because I know that for the right people, this 30-day moneyback guarantee will help you feel safe and supported that you made the right decision by joining – and I’m absolutely willing to go the distance if you are.

“But will it work for me?” – and other FAQ’s

Secrets of Offline Dating is the perfect resource for you if:

  • You’re burned out with online dating and want another option to meet and date
  • You prefer an authentic and natural approach to dating
  • You want to create an amazing “how we met story” with your future partner in real life

And you’ll see some amazing results, even if:

  • You’re an introvert – or even just selectively shy around men you’re attracted to
  • The thought of approaching a guy gives you hives
  • You don’t feel super confident holding a conversation with a guy you’re interested in


“This course is for the confident, smart women who are ready to meet men offline.”



Check out the answers to common FAQ’s:

“Will it work for me and my unique personality / lifestyle / social comfort level?”

You’ll get different techniques that are easily tailored to your own personality and lifestyle – and I’ve seen incredible results from women of all different ethnicities, from college students to women over 80, surgeons to waitresses.

That’s because most single women are dealing with same core set of dating challenges, and many of the tips are what humans have used to connect with each other for thousands of years (body language, conversations, eye contact and more).

The techniques are actually so natural and universal that a lot MEN have seen incredible results as well:

But on that note, the course is only for those who are ready and open to try a new approach AND take a little action:

So just to clear, Find Love Offline IS NOT for you if:

-You’re looking for a one-shot, magic bullet to build your confidence and find a guy

– You like to learn new material but not actually implement it

-You’re totally unwilling to go outside of your comfort zone

However, Find Love Offline Dating IS for you if:

-You’re open to admitting something may be “off” with your approach to dating, but you’re not sure what it is

-You’re open and willing to trying some new approaches you may not have thought of before

-You’re burned out with online dating and want more real world, authentic ways to find your match

“But I’m taller / shorter / paler / darker / [insert physical trait] – how can I be SURE it’ll work for me?

Success in meeting and dating doesn’t depend on how old you are or what you look like. It’s about feeling great in your own skin and having the ability to create instant, genuine connections with others.

Beyond just authentic approaches to engaging others, Find Love Offline covers easy and effective tips on hair, make-up and wardrobe for all shapes, sizes, heights, and ethnicities to get you looking great on the outside with the goal of feeling even better on the inside.

secrets-how-to-meet-him-offline_sales-page-pic-6The make-up and fancy clothes have to come off at some point!

“How is it different from all the other dating advice out there?”

Unfortunately a lot of dating advice out there is really bad – from the vague (“change your mindset!” – um, to what?), to the expensive ($5,000 just to have your online profile re-done??), to the scammy (“learn the one word that will make him instantly propose to you!”).

Yeah.. no thanks.

Master Offline Dating resources are different. Whether attending a live workshop, joining a course, or working with me as your private coach you’ll get clear and actionable tips that you can start applying the minute you learn them.

Let’s take a closer look at other dating approaches and how they compare to offline dating…

Buy a Book

Sitting at home alone reading about how to connect with others seems… ironic, right? Stories are so much better when they’re read out loud or in-person, with all the emotion behind them – and who doesn’t love listening to stories?

Online Dating

Meeting online can have its perks, but it’s risky to put all your dating eggs into that one basket. Besides not really knowing who you’re talking to until you actually meet up, the time it takes to weed through profiles and answer messages can feel like a second full time job.

If you do end up finding a “match” online, offline dating skills will serve you throughout the rest of the dating process, regardless of how you initially met each other.

Hire a Dating Coach

You could spend thousands of dollars for an expensive coach that will update your online picture and profile. But what about when you’re actually face to face with the guy, which is (hopefully) how you’ll be spending the majority of your time together?

Investing in lifelong social skills trumps a new online profile any day – plus, it’s a lot less expensive.

Attend Events (Single Mingles, Speed Dating, etc)

Maybe this is just me, but the thought of going to a singles event actually gives me anxiety.

These events also tend to show only the most “polished” sides of each other, like when we’re in networking mode. You’re more likely to make a genuine connection when you meet someone running errands or out with a friend just being yourself (and he’s doing the same!).

Figure Things Out Yourself

Oofda. It took me 10+ years to learn these lessons and master these techniques – and I can teach you how to get the same results in only 8 weeks. Why waste precious time reinventing the wheel??

Do Nothing

You can totally keep doing your current approach to dating, hoping things will finally just work out someday. But a year from now do you want to look back and feel the same way you did a year earlier?

Or do you want to feel proud of how you took leap with trying a new approach to dating – and found your amazing new boyfriend?

“How do I know it’s a good investment?”

You have a 30-day full moneyback guarantee, which is my promise that you have absolutely nothing to lose and will feel safe and supported in your decision to join.

bde_badgeBesides my own personal successes, I’ve had scores of students around the world prove that the tips and techniques work in their own lives.

If you invest in Find Love Offline, I’ll be with you every step of the way to get the results you want for your love life.

That’s why if you’re on the fence about joining, I strongly encourage you to enroll and check it out. Trying out the course for a few weeks is the best way to see for yourself the amazing results it can give you.

You’re also in good hands. Reach out to me anytime you feel stuck, need a little inspiration or if something’s not totally clear.

I read every email students send my way and I’m here to answer your questions and share advice on any dating dilemma you’re going through right now. Your question may even inspire a future course topic!

“Do I have to trick someone into liking me, or pretend to be someone I’m not?”

Not at all – it’s the exact opposite. If something doesn’t feel authentic, I literally can’t do it myself (and it definitely has no place in the course).

Dating is about learning how to lead with your best self. Some of the nicest, most caring people I know are really bad at dating – they get uncomfortable or don’t know the right questions to ask, and their dates never get to see the amazing person I know they truly are!

“Does that mean I have to settle?”

Absolutely not – you don’t need to settle or date someone who you feel might tend more toward the boring side of the social scale.

I will, however, challenge you to get out of your dating and social routine just a bit – and that will include diversifying your dating portfolio with different types of amazing guys who you may have been unintentionally passing up before.

“My friend / sister / mom / daughter / aunt really needs this advice – how do I get her to sign-up?”

Deep down most people who need help know they need help, but it can be hard to hear from people we’re close to. We can just take it way too personally (myself included).

If you know someone who might really benefit from having more offline dating in their life, I recommend simply saying “I met / came across this woman who helps women date offline and meet men in the real world!”

This will pitch things to them more as learning a fun skill set, as opposed to telling them they need help.

“What results can I expect – and what if I don’t get them?”

Many of the clients who have gone through the course are successfully meeting men offline every day, in relationships, or even getting engaged / married!

And it’s from a source that’s been featured in and honored by over a dozen national and international media sources:

greyscale-logos-collage-for-homepage-v5-white-backgroundAnd remember if you don’t start getting results in the first 30 days, then I am happy to give you a full refund.

How your life could look after applying the tips from Secrets of Offline Dating


“I’m over the moon! Your tips definitely helped, especially in the early stages of dating – they just gave me more confidence.”


Married, Summer 2016


It’s Friday late afternoon. You’re at work, furiously trying to get as much off your plate as possible before the weekend starts.

The back-to-back client meetings, 87 unread emails in your inbox, and sore throat you’re fighting aren’t helping anything.

Suddenly, a text pops-up from your boyfriend, Aaron.

“Hey babe! Vietnamese takeout and movie tonight? Maybe some pho will help your throat. Love you.”

Aww, what a thoughtful guy! He always knows the right thing to say. Seriously, how’d you get so lucky?

And to think you two almost missed the chance to meet each other…

Because up until a few months ago, you were kicking ass in almost every area of your life: new promotion at work, a solo trip to Ireland, an advanced French pastry class.

Every area except the dating and relationship department.

You could talk to almost anyone about almost anything – from chatting with the check-out lady to asking your manager for a raise. But you’d always clam-up around men you were attracted to.

Until you took a leap of faith last spring by joining Secrets of Offline Dating. Applying the tips boosted your confidence with everyone, men included.

Then came that fateful day when you were standing in the produce section of the grocery store, where a cute guy approached and asked about the mango you were holding.

And you knew exactly how to steer that into a date – and eventually, an amazing relationship with a guy who appreciates and loves you.

But to get life-changing results like that, you have to go through life-changing work.

There’s no shortcuts – but Secrets of Offline Dating will provide you with the steps to start taking TODAY to find an amazing committed relationship, no matter where you’re at on the social skills front or in the dating process.

Stop waiting for the love you deserve + take the first step toward it

People meet, date, and fall in love with each other every single day. It’s time to stop sitting on the sidelines wondering when it will be your turn.

Your turn is right now.

Finding your perfect match takes time – but the sooner you get the skills to take advantage of the opportunity that already surrounds you, the sooner you’ll start enjoying your amazing relationship.

If you’re ready to learn how to find, attract, and commit to the right man for you, click below to join Master Offline Dating and learn how now.