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“How is it different from all the other dating advice out there?”

Unfortunately a lot of dating advice out there is really bad – from the vague (“change your mindset!” – um, to what?), to the expensive ($5,000 just to have your online profile re-done??), to the scammy (“learn the one word that will make him instantly propose to you!”).

Yeah.. no thanks.

Master Offline Dating resources are different. Whether attending a live workshop, joining a course, or working with me as your private coach you’ll get clear and actionable tips that you can start applying the minute you learn them.

Let’s take a closer look at other dating approaches and how they compare to offline dating…

Buy a Book

Sitting at home alone reading about how to connect with others seems… ironic, right? Stories are so much better when they’re read out loud or in-person, with all the emotion behind them – and who doesn’t love listening to stories?

Online Dating

Meeting online can have its perks, but it’s risky to put all your dating eggs into that one basket. Besides not really knowing who you’re talking to until you actually meet up, the time it takes to weed through profiles and answer messages can feel like a second full time job.

If you do end up finding a “match” online, offline dating skills will serve you throughout the rest of the dating process, regardless of how you initially met each other.

Hire a Dating Coach

You could spend thousands of dollars for an expensive coach that will update your online picture and profile. But what about when you’re actually face to face with the guy, which is (hopefully) how you’ll be spending the majority of your time together?

Investing in lifelong social skills trumps a new online profile any day – plus, it’s a lot less expensive.

Attend Events (Single Mingles, Speed Dating, etc)

Maybe this is just me, but the thought of going to a singles event actually gives me anxiety.

These events also tend to show only the most “polished” sides of each other, like when we’re in networking mode. You’re more likely to make a genuine connection when you meet someone running errands or out with a friend just being yourself (and he’s doing the same!).

Figure Things Out Yourself

Oofda. It took me 10+ years to learn these lessons and master these techniques – and I can teach you how to get the same results in only 8 weeks. Why waste precious time reinventing the wheel??

Do Nothing

You can totally keep doing your current approach to dating, hoping things will finally just work out someday. But a year from now do you want to look back and feel the same way you did a year earlier?

Or do you want to feel proud of how you took leap with trying a new approach to dating – and found your amazing new boyfriend?