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“Will it work for me and my unique personality / lifestyle / social comfort level?”

You’ll get different techniques that are easily tailored to your own personality and lifestyle – and I’ve seen incredible results from women of all different ethnicities, from college students to women over 80, surgeons to waitresses.

That’s because most single women are dealing with same core set of dating challenges, and many of the tips are what humans have used to connect with each other for thousands of years (body language, conversations, eye contact and more).

The techniques are actually so natural and universal that a lot MEN have seen incredible results as well:

But on that note, the course is only for those who are ready and open to try a new approach AND take a little action:

So just to clear, Find Love Offline IS NOT for you if:

-You’re looking for a one-shot, magic bullet to build your confidence and find a guy

– You like to learn new material but not actually implement it

-You’re totally unwilling to go outside of your comfort zone

However, Find Love Offline Dating IS for you if:

-You’re open to admitting something may be “off” with your approach to dating, but you’re not sure what it is

-You’re open and willing to trying some new approaches you may not have thought of before

-You’re burned out with online dating and want more real world, authentic ways to find your match