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Because if you're like most women I support, you've probably had thoughts like...

"Do I really have to be on my phone 24/7 just to meet a quality guy?"
"My friends keep swiping trying to meet a man, but that doesn't work for me" 

"Where can I meet a great guy in the real world??"

I've heard struggles like these from so many of my clients and readers....​ please know if any of those resonate with you, you're definitely not alone.
The modern dating process can feel like this endless hamster wheel of messaging the same guys on different apps who barely respond - let alone actually want to meet in person.

It's like you keep swiping on apps, hoping that one amazing man who's meant just for you is only one screen away.

But instead, all that gets swiped is your free time - and your sanity. ​

You don't want to get "swiped away"... want to get SWEPT away by an amazing man who completely adores you!

A man you feel a genuine connected to, and can create red hot chemistry with….

Who's also ready to be in a committed relationship, and excited to build something special with you. 


With everyone buried in their iPhones though, it can feel impossible (and totally intimidating) to approach, let alone TALK to other people - especially a guy you're attracted to.

But what if it was actually easy to meet a great guy?

What if I told you every day presents you with countless opportunities to find love?

And no, I’m not talking about online dating...

I’m talking about you - right here, right now, in the real world.

You can experience the rush of flirting with a stranger at the grocery store, or handing your digits to Tall, Dark, & Handsome in the coffee shop.

Yes, you!

Let me explain…

Hi there, Camille Virginia here.

I'm Founder of Master Offline Dating and the only OFFline dating expert in the world. 

For the past five years, I've given women who were burned out with online dating my authentic attraction and connection secrets to meet men without any technology.

It's true, there IS an easier (and honestly, way more fun) way to meet a great man without going online - because…

I help women like you attract great men in the real world

As the world's #1 offline dating expert, I've been featured across 50+ media outlets...


But I didn’t always have these attraction and connection superpowers I now teach.
In fact, far from it…

As an introvert, I grew up struggling with shyness

I could barely make eye contact with other people - let alone men I was attracted to.

But after years of watching people talk to each other with effortless ease (while I was avoiding every conversation I could), I finally got fed up with living my life in fear and decided to do something about it. 

I began gradually pushing my social comfort zone by simply smiling at strangers. 

I started going to parties alone (which was terrifying!) and making myself meet one new person.

I even worked my way up to chatting with men I was attracted to - something that once was impossible for me to even image.

After a few years, I finally broke through my social fear barriers that had held me captive, and realized I'd mastered the art of meaningful connections…

…and in the process, had started getting asked out by great men in everyday places - like the grocery store, Starbucks, the bus stop, even on a plane! 

Ironically, as I was discovering these secrets of how to attract great men to me like a magnet, online dating and apps were starting to take over the dating space.

At first, my friends thought apps were a novel and fun way to get a date - but that fun quickly developed into... 

A dangerous dependency on technology to meet men

My friends had forgotten how to have a real life conversation with a guy (or anyone!) and were suddenly terrified to talk to men unless it was from behind a screen. 

While meanwhile, I would step onto a train, chat-up the cute guy sitting next to me, and step off with a date for the weekend!

So, I started teaching my friends the same attraction secrets I had discovered through years of pushing my comfort zone…

…and not only did they start getting their social skills back, they started getting dates everywhere they went too.

I knew the powerful tools I had discovered in my journey created amazing results not just for me, but for other women too…

…and so I created Master Offline Dating to coach women around the world how to attract great men without going online!

You can absolutely meet a great guy in the real world

Just because other women choose to be at the mercy of online dating and apps doesn't mean you have to be.

In fact, most dating research studies show that you actually have a better chance of meeting your significant other OFFline.

So how do you do that?

Well, great news...

There's actually just 3 simple steps you need to instantly start attracting men to you.

And once you know exactly how to do those 3 simple steps, I promise it'll change your love life forever.

You'll gain confidence with dating…

You'll stop feeling anxious about approaching men (or when they approach you)…

You'll realize that you were already beautiful and "special" enough to be worthy of a great guy - it's just that you didn’t have the right tools to help you find him...

The 3 Simple Steps to Attracting a Great Guy Offline

So what are the three steps?
Let's jump right into them…

Step 1: Dress for confidence + a conversation

I found out (the hard way) that clothing can either be a confidence booster or confidence barrier. 

Because attracting men like a magnet first and foremost starts with YOU. 

You have feel great about yourself when you meet him, otherwise you're going to shy away and not be able to show him what an awesome woman you are!

Step 2: Know exactly where to go

Most people end up defaulting to dating apps because they have no clue where to go to meet great men.

But if you think about it, great guys are in everyday places just like you are!

The grocery store, coffee shops, the dog park, literally all around you… 

…and don't you think that men in those places are going to be higher quality than the guys who are on dating apps? 

(Spoiler Alert: they are - because men "step it up" for you in-person)

Step 3: What to say to engage a man (+ how to respond when he approaches you)

After you're feeling great about yourself, and you know exactly where to go to meet a quality man, the last ingredient is knowing what to say to engage him.

Just something simple to break the ice with him - that's it!

Nothing over-complicated or cheesy, just a natural go-to phrase or two you can say to anyone, anywhere.

Once you master these 3 elements (which happens VERY quickly once you know how) you can start attracting men immediately.  

You'll be able to walk into a coffee shop with confidence and lock eyes with every cute guy you spot.

You'll know exactly what to say when a guy approaches you to turn his comment into a conversation.

You'll experience the thrill of being excited about a great guy again - without going online and wondering if he even looks like profile picture (love those ones).

You'll know with certainty that you have the ability to attract great men to you like a magnet...

...and never again feel the frustration of feeling stuck or at the mercy of online dating and apps. 

How do I know? 

I've tested this material with HUNDREDS of clients + live workshops students, and have been using it myself for 15+ years.

That's how I know that when you apply these tips they will absolutely work for you too.
But don't just take my word for it...

Here's what other women say about my offline approach

​​​​​​​What's 10x more powerful than me sharing about my clients' successes?

Hearing about their results directly from them :)

From getting a date to feeling more confident around men, the benefits of offline dating are life-changing on so many levels...

Nina got a date at Starbucks

What surprised me most is  that there are plenty of guys that would be open to conversation. I just didn’t know how to spot them until you shared these simple tips with me! I had NEVER been asked out in a random daytime place by a stranger… and last night, I went on a date with someone I met at a Starbucks! Thank you!"
   - Nina, 28, Boston, MA
Gen met her husband!

​​​​​​​"Thanks for your hand in snagging my husband... I am the happiest I have EVER been in a relationship, and I 100% know your course and materials helped!

    - Gen, 29, Atlanta, GA
      (married summer 2018)

Mary got a date outside Whole Foods

“I was walking home from Whole Foods the other day and a guy approached me. I found out he was actually really cool, and we had a lot in common! Using your easy tips, I knew exactly what to say to engage him and show my interest. We're going out next Friday :)

    - Mary, 38, Chicago, IL

Eleanor feels more empowered around men

“If you want to get into a really positive place about dating, this is for you. Camille is charming, with great ideas, extensive content, wonderful energy – but above all, you feel empowered and with a fresh look at how to be around men.”                 

    - Eleanor, 59, Chicago, IL

After getting such incredible results for the women I was working with, I thought...

"There MUST be other people sharing these life-changing skills…right?"

So I talked to all my dating coach friends and scoured the internet for other "offline" dating and attraction tools…

…and found NONE.



I couldn’t believe it, but...

No one else teaches these offline dating techniques

There were awful products about how to manipulate a guy into a relationship…

…and articles trying to convince you that "dating is a numbers game..."

(like, if you're not on 12 different dating apps then you'll never find a great guy? Um, I don't think so)

…and that no one meets in person any more - "real world connection is dead!"

(as if eons of our innate need to be social went out the window with the invention of Tinder - gimme a break)

With all that bad advice floating around, AND knowing these simple attraction powers can work for any woman…

…I gathered up my best tips into a package I could hand to any woman, to help her attract great men in her own life.

And that's what I want to get into your hands today, so I'm proud to introduce to you right now...

(at a special discount for the next 45 minutes only)

The Starter Kit shows you how to instantly attract the right men in the real world.

The 3-part system gives you step-by-step techniques to start meeting men - and plenty of tips so you can choose which ones feel most natural for you.

Because when you join, I WILL encourage you to push your comfort zone - but I'll never ask you to do or say anything that feels forced or inauthentic.

And when you use these powerful secrets to showcase your best self, don't be surprised when men already adore you!

Here's what you get in The Offline Dating Starter Kit...

The Promised Land: The Absolute Best Places to Meet Men in Real Life
    - Why Location is Everything: How to be in the right place, at the right time
    - Man-Spotting Made Easy: Where to go to find amazing men IRL
    - Perfect Placement: The key to position yourself for maximum man encounters

Clothing That Captivates: How to Dress for Confidence + a Conversation
    - First Impressions 101: How to make your clothes either a boost or a barrier
    - From the Closet: A few key tricks to revamp your wardrobe
    - Be Unique: How to stand out in a subtle + comfortable way
    - Accessory You: How to use your uniqueness to naturally catch his eye
    - Props: How to use your body + totally random objects to flirt

Super Simple Icebreakers: How to Send Him the Right Verbal Signals
    - Friendly or Flirting? How to flirt with zero risk of rejection
    - Simple Icebreakers: 3 ways to jumpstart a flirtatious conversation
    - Perfect Response: Here’s exactly what to say when he approaches you

It has everything you need to dress for confidence, lists the best places to meet a great guy in everyday places, and exactly what to say to him once you meet him to strike up a conversation! 

So, you're probably wondering...

What's the $ investment?

Well, for the next 45 minutes only (actually less!), I'm excited to offer you the entire Offline Dating Starter Kit at a massive 97% discount...

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Why just $7 and only for the next 45 minutes?

Simple: I don't want you to "put this off til later".

Because as you and I both know, "later" = "never".

Which means you can't get the results you deeply desire...

…like finally having the confidence to chat-up that attractive guy you always see at the dog park, or having the perfect response when your favorite barista is flirting with you.

I LOVE rewarding women who are ready to take action in their love life NOW, because they always get the best results, so I want to give you every incentive to do this right now.

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My 100% Risk-Free 30-Day Offline Dating Promise​​​​​​​

I know how daunting it can be to take a leap of faith like this.

You've been disappointed by online dating and apps, ghosted on, and maybe even worse.

A single woman's journey to love can be a really tough road sometimes.

So I want to help make you feel as safe and secure as possible in your investment with me ad the Starter Kit.

That's why I back the Offline Dating Starter Kit with my personal 100% 30-day moneyback promise...

...which means 
you have absolutely zero risk for up to 30 days to go through the entire program. 

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Because if you're not happy with Starter Kit, then I don't want your money.

​​​​​​​But I know that this course can change your life, and I personally stand behind the results of my products. 

So I want you to get the full wealth of this resource without hesitation or inhibition...

...and experience for yourself the powerful life-changing shifts in your own love life - including meet the man of your dreams!

The Starter Kit is your fastest way to attract men offline

It provides you with a step-by-step process to go out and starting meeting men today.

It's perfect if you're brand new to offline dating (or super shy, or not sure it's going to work for you), because it gives you small bite-sized tips that allow you to instantly go out and start meeting great men IRL.

The tips in the course are short, easy, and simple - no memorizing long dialogues, or being inauthentic, or any cheesy uncomfortable scripts.

And at
just $7 (a 97% discount off the normal $191), this should honestly be a no-brainer.

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(I LOVE rewarding women who take action to achieve their goals, so this is my loving incentiv-izer to do it right now)

Because if you don't act now... when will you?

When will you finally take that next step to find the man of your dreams?

If you're like most women I've worked with, you've likely been trying to find a great guy for a very long time.

Maybe you've read books, tried matchmakers, been promised the moon by other coaches with no guarantee to back it up.

I know just how much energy and disappointment can go into your journey to find love, and which is why I want to make it as easy and simple as possible to have you attract great men into your life - and quickly.

That's why I made the Starter Kit a crazy low price, with a 100% money-back promise: I want you to take action TODAY. 

Because the truth is if you don't change your dating approach today, then… when will you?

How many times have you said to yourself "This is the year I'm going to meet him, I’m going to put myself out there…"

…and then it fell through the cracks.

And I get it, life gets in the way.

Plus "putting yourself out there" when you have no clear roadmap can feeling totally daunting and overwhelming.

However, time will keep passing you by, year after year, if you don't change your current approach.

So I invite you to take a different (and much better) path... 

Grab THIS moment to finally meet him, right now. 

This can be the moment when everything changes for you.

When your love life (finally)! starts moving in the right direction. You can just feel it.

This is the moment you started down a different, SO much more enjoyable path toward meeting your Mr. Right.

To have the confidence of appreciating your true self-worth, experience the thrill of being excited about a good guy again…

Knowing that you have the ability to invite him into your life...

...and never again feel the frustration of feeling stuck or at the mercy of online dating and apps. 

I don't want you to stay in this state of thinking "There's no good men out there" or that you can't meet them without braving the savage world of online dating.

It doesn't have to be that way. You have much better options, and this - right now - is one of them.

But that can only happen if you act now...

...because this opportunity disappears in T-minus...20-something minutes...and counting...

Click the red button below to grab the Starter Kit, before it *poof!* goes away forever...

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Backed by My Risk-Free Safe & Secure 30-Day Money Back Promise
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“You can only retain so much information from a workshop, or read a PDF so many times. Camille's courses have so much more, like the video tutorials, personal stories and advanced techniques. I can go back and revisit those skills and stories as much as I want, learn at my own pace, and jump around to different sections.
- Kathleen

“This course is for confident, smart women who are ready to meet men offline. Camille taught me practical and simple tips I hadn’t thought about before. With so much emphasis on online dating, it’s very refreshing to find a course about old fashion face-to-face interaction with men.
                                        - Dal

​​​​​​​“Camille is articulate, inspiring and authentic in her ideas, suggestions and approach to meeting guys and dating. I really enjoyed taking this course."
                           - Vicki

“The course helped me interact positively with the world around me. For example, after I took the course I was walking to work a lot, and I started making eye contact with people, relaxing my face, smiling a little more - and people would respond to it! It’s just a big mood booster and made me feel better about myself.” 
                             - Tanya

Click Here to attract the right man in the real world!

Backed by My Risk-Free Safe & Secure 30-Day Money Back Promise
Questions? Feel free to contact my team at