The Offline Advantage

Offline dating advantage

Master Offline Dating gives you authentic, proven skills to tap into real life opportunities for romance that surround you every day. But that’s only the beginning of the benefits.

When you start applying offline dating techniques, the results can be life-changing – and not just with your love life.

You’ll see positive transformations across every relationship and interaction you have: friends, family, coworkers, romantic partner, the grocery check-out lady who always chats you up.

Master Offline Dating meets you where you’re at in the dating process, with resources to guide you step-by-step toward finding your perfect match by mastering skills in three key areas of your life:

Confidence, Connection, + Commitment!

Scroll down to learn more about what each of them can do for you….

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"Sexy" is a feeling - and when you look good, you feel good! You'll learn simple ways to turn heads with professional make-up video tutorials, tips to revamp your wardrobe, and the #1 hairstyle that attracts men like a magnet for every hair type + length.

Meeting someone in real life makes it impossible to lie about looks or social skills, saving you days or even weeks of false excitement build-up over someone who wasn't totally honest in his dating profile. 

Go in to the store for ice cream, come out with a date? It happened! Having the tools to tap into everyday opportunities to meet someone special when you least expect it is SO much fun. 

University of North Texas study reveals singles who use Tinder are more likely to have lower self-esteem and feel unhappy about their looks than non-dating app users

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Scientific American study confirms people can’t get an accurate sense of real connection or romantic compatibility until they’ve met face-to-face.

It’s easy for someone to take their bad day out on you from behind a screen. But that guy on the train who said "hi" to you? He has way more to lose - which means he'll put more effort into the interaction AND place a higher value on you.

There's a lot of biology happening during a live interaction - from pheromones to micro-expressions. But trying to get the same read of someone's energy via technology is almost impossible (or worse, totally misleading). Better to get his real vibe than read his crafted profile.

When you know how to create a genuine connection with someone - from making a new friend to getting a hot date to just enjoying a moment with someone in passing - you're able to fulfill our human need for community and acceptance on a primal level.

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Meeting online always comes with a safety risk. But meeting a guy through friends or at the grocery store means he's already aligned in some way with your current relationships or community. That translates to less anonymity and more accountability + safety.

You can’t feel real passion via texts, emails, or online chats. But meeting + dating a guy offline means you're devoting more time together in-person - which is what builds that foundation of true passion that can last for years to come.

If your guy had to overcome any sort of real life obstacle to win you over - like searching 300+ LinkedIn profiles to find you after a brief run-in on the office elevator (hey, it happened) - his appreciation and perceived value of you is likely higher than if you came to him via a single swipe.

Medical Daily reports that people who initially met offline stay together for longer than those who met online

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