In the course, you'll get:

•  10 video trainings (2-5 minutes each) emailed to you every 3 days (value $197)
 Bonus video: Oh Hey There! How to continue the flirt over technology so you can always keep the attraction building (value $47)
•  2-page CheatSheet with key points for easy reference so you can instantly apply the tips in your own life (value $47)
•  Access to Camille for personal support throughout the 30-day course (value $997)
•  Lifetime access to all videos + materials so you can learn at your own pace and reference them anytime (priceless!)
•  30-day 100% moneyback guarantee - no questions asked (so you have zero risk = priceless!)

Total Value: $1,288

Your price: $97* (or 2 monthly payments of $49)

*Why so cheap? I don't want price to be a barrier to you getting these incredible life-changing skills

Here's what you'll learn in the course:

Video 1 | Flirting 101: What IS flirting - and why it's such a powerful attraction tool
Video 2 | Your Pre-Flirt Prep: 2 key actions before you head out for more confident flirting
Video 3 | What Just Happened? How to know when he's flirting with you - and never miss it
Video 4 | Silent Signals: How to flaunt your natural feminine assets (without saying a word)
Video 5 | Props to You: Here's what to do with your hands while flirting
Video 6 | Your Safest Approach: How to be flirty on-demand (with zero risk of rejection)
​​​​​​​Video 7 | He's Talking to You! How improv comedy helps you craft the perfect response
​​​​​​​Video 8 | Easy Intros: 7 ways you can to jumpstart a flirtatious convo (even if you're shy)
Video 9 | Insert Instant Flirt: Scripts to make every convo more flirtatious
Video 10 | The Ask Out: How to steer the convo to your desired outcome
BONUS Video 11 | Oh Hey There! How to flirt across technology so you continue building attraction

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"These are so many great tips that are easy to implement -
and videos that are nice bite-size pieces.
It’s a great way to get started on flirting and meeting people,
or to hone skills for better interactions with new people!"

                                 - Mariah
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