Yesterday, I gave you a few flirting tips that work really well with any natural flirting style.

(Remember: flirting isn’t about being helpless or ditzy. It’s about how you express your playful side to people.)

And today, I want to show you how those flirting tips can work for you.

Meet Maria.

Maria was a client at one of my live flirting workshops. When we met, Maria had two big challenges with flirting.

​​​​​​​She didn’t know what flirting looked like. So even when she wanted to flirt with someone, she had no idea what to do.

And she didn’t know how to tell when someone was flirting or just being friendly. So she missed out on tons of opportunities to flirt, because she just didn’t know it was happening.
Honestly? These are two of the most common flirting challenges women tell me they have. And it’s not hard to see why.
If you’re not practiced at flirting, or don’t know what to look for, it can totally slip by you unnoticed.  
Which is why I love what Maria wrote to me after she attended my flirting workshop:

"I'm so grateful that you were offering this class. Some of us need to be kick started like an old school motorcycle. The class did that for me. I wasn't able to use what I learned that night, but I have been flirting my ass off! I've definitely gotten better at making eye contact. Just need to work on holding it. I think I catch men off guard when I say hi. It's actually really fun. I've had older men compliment me on the train. I completely understand why you love them. They are adorable. I've gained some confidence, which I believe is the latent function of your class. Thanks Camille! You are so RAD!"     -Maria

During the workshop she got flirting tips that worked with her natural flirting style, and  she literally went from not knowing how to flirt at all...to flirting her ass off!

Isn’t that awesome?

I also love that Maria said that flirting “is actually really fun.”

That’s exactly what flirting should be!
Flirting isn’t about being coy or sexy or playing helpless to get a guy to ask you out. It’s about being playful and having fun and connecting with people - even if it’s just for a few seconds.
Which is why I want to invite you to join me for the same course Maria took. And you don’t even have to be in Chicago!
I’ve taken all of the tested and proven material from my flirting workshop How to Find and Flaunt Your Natural Flirt Style and created....
You Can Flirt! 30 days to confident + playful interactions - even if you have no clue how to flirt right now.


You Can Flirt! is a 30-day online video course with 10 short videos (between 2-5 minutes each), with one emailed to you every 3 days.

Step-by-step, these videos will take you from being shy and not confident about flirting, or thinking you’re just not flirtatious by nature, to being able to flirt with everyone you meet in under 30 days.

I’ve spaced the videos out so you have time to test out each tip, practice it, and discover what truly feels natural and right for you before you move on to the next step.

By the end of the course, you’ll know:

    • Why life is so much more fun when you insert more flirt
    • How to use your natural flirting style to start flirting in ways that are authentic to your personality
    • How to tell when someone is flirting with you - and how to respond - so you never miss another opportunity
    • What exactly flirting is, how it's different from being "friendly", and why it's so much fun when done right

The course also includes:

    • 7 simple ways to comfortably initiate a conversation with anyone even if you’re afraid of rejection
    • Concrete examples of “flirty” words vs. “friendly” words and how to tell the difference
    • Flirty body language cues to look out for - including smiling, eye contact, and what to do with your hands
    • 3 mindsets to get you in the flirting mood before you even leave the house
    • How to use props to get his attention or start a conversation without feeling fake or unnatural
    • 1 trick to end resting bitch face for good, even if you don’t feel like smiling
    • How to take that conversation you started and get him to actually ask you out!

This course has everything you need to go from totally bewildered to effortless flirt. I’ve even included a 2-page cheat sheet for you. You can print it off and take it with you for a quick reminder while you’re on the go.

Because let’s face it. The hardest part about flirting isn’t in learning what you “should” be doing or finding tips to try. It’s actually using those tips in real life.

It doesn’t matter how simple a tip sounds -- if you don’t apply it, you won’t get any results.

Because “common knowledge” doesn’t always translate to “common practice.”

That’s why I have built in homework assignments in each video to help you get into action. So you can start practicing flirting in a way that feels real and natural to you today.

Because I promise you, You Can Flirt!

You can flirt...even if you don’t feel “naturally flirtatious.” No matter your personality, you have a natural flirting style and I’ll help you discover what it is.

You can flirt...even if you have no clue what flirting looks like. The course includes videos of me demonstrating different types of flirting for you to help you sound more flirtatious in a natural way.
You can flirt...even if you never know when you’re being flirted with. I’ll show you exactly how to spot the signs that someone is flirting with you, so you can choose if you want to engage or walk away. Your choice.
You can flirt...even if you’re an introvert or really shy. I’m an introvert and I flirt all the time! It’s not about your personality type, it’s about expressing it in a way that’s natural to you.
​​​​​​​In the video modules, we’ll cover topics like:

    • What IS flirting and why does it matter?
​​​​​​    • How to know when he’s flirting with you -- and see him coming a mile away

    • What to do with your hands + one move to stay out of the “friend zone”
    • How to be flirtatious on demand -- with zero risk of rejection
​​​​​​​    • 7 ways to comfortably start a conversation with anyone -- even if you’re shy around men
​​​​​​​    • Word-for-Word scripts to make ANY conversation instantly more flirtatious

And more!

You also have lifetime access to every video, so you can learn at your own pace and refer to each as needed.

"Not only did I have a great time in Camille's class, but I also learned quite a lot. I came away with easy, actionable tips that I can comfortably use in my day-to-day life, and best of all they're things that suit my personality & style. I'll definitely be attending another class!"    -Britt

"Camille's workshop was amazing per usual! I can't get enough of her strategies and advice. She leaves her students with a lot of options that they can alter to fit their personalities and styles. I always leave feeling like my toolkit is in order and I can expertly handle any male interaction thrown my way!"      -Lindsey

No matter your personality, you have a flirting style. You probably just don’t know how to tap into it - especially with that handsome stranger who was trying to talk to you at the grocery store the other day.

You Can Flirt! will help you discover your natural flirting style, and integrate it into your life. So you can start having more fun, more flirts, and more special moments wherever you go.

And as a special thank you for being on my email list, I'm offering 50% off the course for you, my wonderful email subscribers.

*Special beta launch 50% discount price (increases to $99 on Monday, March 6)

I've tested this flirting material in over a dozen live workshops. And I use it myself every day! That’s how I KNOW that when you use these tips, and combine them with your natural flirting style, they will work for you.

And if, for some reason, it doesn’t work for you, I back this course with a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee. Buy the course, watch all the videos, and if you’re not happy with it, I will fully refund you.

Flirting doesn’t have to be this big, serious, scary thing. Flirting is about having fun and being playful with everyone you meet.

Trust me, life is more fun when you insert more flirt. ;)

*Special beta launch 50% discount price (increases to $99 on Monday, March 6th)

"Asking for help on the dating front isn't an embarassing thing.
Everyone is identifying with the same issues here - we're all in the same boat."

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PS - I know I focus on offline dating, but it can be tough to keep the flirt going once you’ve got his number. So I’ve also included a bonus module with tips on how to flirt across different platforms - from text to email to phone.

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