The Secret Sauce (to Success)
in Ramit Sethi's 
Zero to Launch Course
By Camille Virginia
Founder, Master Offline Dating

My relationship with Zero to Launch began summer 2015.

I'd been working in the corporate world for almost 10 years, not hating it... but not exactly loving it.

What I was loving was the "offline dating" workshops I was teaching on the side, coaching single women on how to meet men in the real world.

A few months into teaching the workshops, I had so much material I took a week off my day job to create a 4-hour online course for fun.

And then, had no idea what to do with it.

I went from teaching workshops to creating an online course…and then got stuck. Until ZTL.

Enter: Zero To Launch.

I'd heard about the course via another dating coach who'd had major success with it (Sarah Jones of Introverted Alpha), so when I got the email that it was opening I wanted to see if it could be my path to turning my workshops and online course into an actual business.

I mean, I was doing everything myself in my business, so I knew if I made the decision to join, I'd be all in.
I signed up, dove right into the course, and devoured every piece of content available as it was dripped out over the next 8 weeks.

My copious notes on Zero To Launch - the information is tactical, clear and very in-depth

I was a dating coach who was spending her Saturday nights watching videos of Ramit teach me how to price my product and optimize my website. And honestly, I loved all of it.

I knew from the first few videos that it was a clear, tactical, in-depth roadmap to get my business off the ground and succeeding on its own.

Over a year later, Zero to Launch has definitely done all of that (and way more).

But not at all in the way I expected it to.

I was actually shocked to learn what actually was the secret sauce in the course - and ultimately, to my successes (like making $12,000 in two weeks launching my first private coaching program).

Because Zero To Launch isn't just first class support for people who want to get their business off the ground; it also attracts first class people.

Here are three reasons that the people are actually the secret sauce of success in Zero to Launch...

(BTW if you're a single woman burned out with online dating, a free gift awaits you at the bottom of this article...)


#1 The community is incredible (i.e. a well-run group of really smart people)
​​​​​​​A year before Zero To Launch, I'd joined a different business coaching program and watched its Facebook group - which was supposed to be a source of guidance for me and my business - get spammed with pictures of students' kids and "helpful" posts masking as product sales.
Basically, a huge waste of my time and no help at all.
But as soon as I joined the Zero To Launch Facebook group, I  could see it was way different.
It's extremely well-monitored by the group leaders - including Ramit himself - so you're encouraged to step-up your posting game, ask specific and intelligent questions, and provide value to the rest of the group.
Which is great because no matter what roadblock you hit with your business, someone else in the Zero to Launch community has definitely hit the exact same one.

And there's either already a post / solution to overcome it or the rest of the community members are there for you within minutes to help weigh-in on how to get past it.
​​​​​​​Sometimes even Ramit steps in to help you out...

Ramit is invested in his students - and is refreshingly transparent about his road to success

After going through all the material in ZTL, being active in the Facebook group, and launching my business, I knew I wanted even more support and resources to take things to the next level.

So when the Accelerator program opened up a few months later, I hopped on that bandwagon - which is where the second "people" benefit came into play…

#2 The coaches are world-class (plus super fun to hang out with)

Marc Aarons, Accelerator's copywriting coach, speaks words of gold.

Seriously, the man could sell ice to an Eskimo - and that Eskimo would come away feeling awesome about his purchase.

Marc is an amazing soul who genuinely loves helping his students.

Hop on a weekly Accelerator call with Marc and you'll learn more about copywriting and business strategy in five minutes than you would in 3 hours of reading a book on the same topic.
All of which is why dozens of students join his calls from around the world every single week...

Marc Aarons speaks words of gold - which means 100x more powerful copy for your business

The other coach, Diana Tower, is one of the sweetest and sassiest ladies I've met.

Diana has insanely creative ways to take our internal scripts (which are usually our #1 barrier to success), call them out, and banish them forever.

My personal favorite?

​​​​​​​Giving yourself a sanity boost by doing her signature "Bambi punch"...

Diana helps you master your mindset - often the #1 obstacle on your path to success

Also, I believe we may have a new third coming on board sometime in the near future. You didn’t hear it from me.

#3 You'll make friends for life (and have really cool places to visit around the world)

Beyond being helpful, supportive, and often insanely successful, the people in the ZTL community are the people you want to surround yourself in - not just in business, but in life.

Besides having a true drive for (or already achieving) entrepreneurial success, the people I've met through Zero to Launch are some of the best people I've met EVER. Hands down.

(And as a dating coach, I've met a lot of people. Just sayin'.)

Entrepreneurs just get me and my motivation for a flexible, adventurous, meaningful life via running my own business in a way that my other non-entrepreneur friends simply can't.

And they're always there to support you, no matter what you need help on.

Want help on choose the best email subject lines for your upcoming launch?

Post it in the community and watch the comments pour in.
Super upset because you just broke up with your boyfriend?
Let’s hop on a call and talk it out.
How about celebrating you and your awesome business by partying it up in DC for New Year's Eve?
Sure! I'll see you there...

Everyone in this pic met because of I Will Teach / Ramit / Zero to Launch - seriously great people

Bottom line, when you join Zero To Launch you'll have a detailed roadmap with the key resources to get your business off the ground (and bypass the eternal entrepreneurial conundrum of trying to figure out what you should / shouldn't be working on.)

But even better than that...

...joining Zero To Launch gives you the chance to build amazing relationships with incredible people - the movers and shakers of the entrepreneurial world who can become close friends for the long haul.

So those are some of the main upsides of the course - now, who's Zero To Launch NOT for...

Here's who ZTL is NOT for

If you don’t like to work hard, aren’t comfortable with failure, and have little to no patience, then Zero To Launch is not for you.

Those three aspects are must-have's in order to succeed in ZTL and business...

...and honestly, life in general. But don't get me started on that front.

Ok, obviously no one enjoys failure.

But if you take Ramit's catchphrase of "it's not a failure, it's a test" to heart, Zero To Launch and the community will be here for you when you're ready to get back up, learn from your mistakes, and try again.

So if you know you want to live a rich life, own your own business, have something you're passionate about that can also help people, and are willing put in the work, Zero To Launch is for you - and will be your roadmap to success in all of those aspects.

Zero To Launch provides the major and minor milestones that remove the guesswork of what to do next - and the community fills in the gaps (and brings the help and support you'll need) from there.

If that sounds like you, I encourage you to try Zero To Launch. It's risk-free for the first 60 days, so you literally have nothing to lose - and everything to gain.

And if you really want to speed things up with getting your business up and running - like, by years - join Accelerator too. I'll see you there!

Head over to for more info on Ramit and his resources.

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